The Story of Xing Fu

  • 农村 剧情
  • 共40集  |  每集 45分钟
  • He Xingfu married in Wan village. At the wedding, … He Xingfu married in Wan village. At the wedding, her sister was humiliated by vulgar wedding hazing. In desperation, Xingfu injured Wan Chuanjia, the son of Wan village party secretary Wan Shantang. The trouble keeps on coming, a health care product factory was being built in the village, and the farmland of Xinfu husband's family had to be requisitioned. Xinfu went to court with Wan Shantang bravely and finally got reasonable compensation. When Xinfu is suffering from losing blood during her labor, Wanshantang organized villagers to donate blood, which saved Xingfu's life. Xingfu is very grateful. Unexpectedly, the report letter she sent before attracted the discipline inspectors. Wan Shantang became angry and caught the illness, which upset the villagers. XInfu and her husband couldn't bear the pressure and went to work in the city. In the city Xinfu and her husband argued constantly, their marriage was on the rocks. Xingfu returned to her hometown to start her homestay business, which boost the tourism industry of Wan Village. However, due to the healthcare product factory's endless pollution problem, Xingfu stood out again, led the villagers to fight bravely against the interests, which won everyone's respect and support. Wan Shantang decided to resign willingly, and Xingfu was elected as the new leader of Wanjiazhuang.



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